Cesperanza (cesperanza) wrote,

Papa Don't Preach!

I am in Manchester with lim and the combined joy of our squee might, as you may have heard, have brought on a 4.7 earthquake in Northern England yesterday. Such is the power of fannish squee.

Meanwhile, vis a vis Kindred:

Seriously, am I the only person who's like--uh, Michael's on to something, Michael for Galactic Dictator, go, Michael, go? Because ok, a 70% survival rate is better than either the Replicators or the Wraith were offering, and our ridiculous heroes have at times aligned with both of THEM, plus if I follow this right, with the Michael Plan humans end up with immunities that will eventually allow everyone to survive. Moreover, Michael's actually managed to breed out the need to feed in Wraith! So you kill all the bad Wraith, mutate those who are willing to take the treatment and be non-feeding, and save most of the human beings in the galaxy. I mean, I kept turning to lim and saying, "Wait, so what's the problem? Do you get what the problem was?"

Don't get me wrong, it's not a perfect solution or anything, but as plans go on SGA? *hides her "Michael in 08" sign. Seriously--as plans go on SGA?? Michael's like a total genius!

Meanwhile, I've vaguely decided that Ronon Dex is about a hundred thousand times more mature than anyone else in either of the SGA galaxies. Also, watching Midway again, I decided that the guy from the first fifteen minutes, that "needs to be civilized" guy who spits and rarrrs!, bears almost no resemblance to sweet, nose-tickling Ronon, or even wry, "Indeed"-saying Ronon, or the Ronon with the emotional honesty to thank Weir for giving him a home, or to be happy for Teyla, or to hug John, or to let himself be hugged by Rodney--SERIOUSLY, WHO WAS THAT GUY IN THE FIRST HALF OF THE EPISODE?

Also, could we keep Carson in the cupboard? I mean, could the next episode start with them going, "Oh noes!" and locking him back in the cupboard?

And I admit, I fear for Teyla. I fear for you, Teyla!! Don't let the SGA writers take your baby, Teyla! (Who's going to make the "Papa, Don't Preach" vid for Teyla??--She's in trouble deep! She's been losing sleep! But she's up her mind, she's keeping her baby!) The thing is, I'm not sure that TV semiotics--or at least SGA TV semiotics--can handle the idea that women who leave their children in daycare are good women. I mean, I want to be wrong about this--I really, really, REALLY want to be wrong about it. But now I'm worried Michael's going to take the baby! *bites nails*

Edited to add: It's interesting, when Carson does it, it's GENIUS. When Michael does it, they're like, "Nah, let's fuck that plan up."
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